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Just like any officially licensed Texas A&M t-shirt, football helmet or coffee mug you see with that shiny holographic sticker, each Texas A&M cookie, cupcake or chocolate we produce at The Chocolate Gallery has to adhere to a set of rules and regulations set by the Collegiate Licensing Company.

These CLC rules are put into place in order to protect the integrity of the marks, names, and logos that have come to represent Texas A&M university.

Q:  What Colleges is The Chocolate Gallery licensed to do?

A. We are licensed to produce logos, seals, symbols etc for Texas A&M and Texas State

Q:  What name is The Chocolate Gallery Licensed under?

A. We are licensed under our parent company Otis Instruments Inc. (Lic# 80594)

Q:  Does it cost anything to get a cake or chocolate approved?

A. No. There is no fee associated with the approval process.


Q:  Does each cake or chocolate need to be approved?

A.  No,  only New or re-designed items (ie. Hot Pink Block ATM) produced by The Chocolate Gallery with A&M marks requires a written approval from The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). If a similar item has already been approved ie. a certain cake design, no further approval is needed.


Q:  How long does each item take to get approved?

A. Approval may take from 2 days to a week.

Q:  Can you make a Bonfire Cake?

A. No, Any references to “Bonfire” are  NOT permitted by Texas A&M and the CLC.


Q:  Can you make an Aggie Ring?

A. Yes! We are licensed with the CLC (The Collegiate Licensing Company) and the Texas A&M Association of Former Students  to produce the Aggie Ring.

Q:  Is there anything you CAN’T do with Texas A&M marks?

A. The following criteria are not permitted by A&M and The CLC:

    -Alterations to the seal

    -Overlaying/Intersecting graphics with seal

    -Use of current player’s name, image, or likeness is permitted on commercial products (per NCAA Rules and Regulations).

    -References to alcohol, drugs or tobacco related products used in conjunction with University marks.

    -We are unable to produce the SEC logo or marks.

Q:  Is The Chocolate Gallery licensed to produce any other Colleges, Universities or Professional Teams’ Marks?

    -We have licensing for Texas State.

    -We are able to match colors of any other school or team, then the customer may add licensed items as a cake topper.


Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our A&M licensing!