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Q:  What Chocolate do you use?

A. The Chocolate Gallery of B/CS uses Premium Swiss chocolate from Felchlin Switzerland.

Q:  What is Gianduja?

A. Gianduja is traditionally a blended or ground mix of hazelnuts and chocolate. The Chocolate Gallery uses a wide variety of nuts and chocolates for our different giandujas.

Q:  What is Ganache?

A. Ganache is chocolate mixed with any kind of liquid, most often the liquid is heavy cream. Many other ingredients may be added to give the ganache a specific flavor or texture.

Q:  What is Marzipan?

A.  Marzipan is an almond paste mixed with cooked sugar. The Chocolate Gallery uses a wide variety of nuts to make marzipan.

Q:  Is your Chocolate Fair Trade?

A.  Felchlin Chocolate used by The Chocolate Gallery are above fair trade standards.


Q. What are Confections?

A. Confections are candies that do not need refrigeration. Confection stems from the French word Confit meaning to preserve.


Q. How long do the chocolates last?

A. Chocolate alone can last for up to 1 to 2 years (milk and dark respectively). Shelf life of the chocolates depends on the filling and mix-ins. Chocolates with cream ganache will last for up to 4 weeks, butter ganache up to 6, giandujas and nut pastes will last up to 6 months.

Q. Are there discounts on large orders of chocolates?

A. Discounts begin at 4 dozen chocolates

Q. How do I store my chocolates?

A. Our chocolates should be stored at room 72F to cellar temperature 55F with low humidity.  Refrigerating the chocolate will increase the shelf life but will cause spotting on the surface of the chocolate.


Q. Is there Alcohol in your chocolates?

A. Yes, some of our chocolates contain alcohol. Just like Vanilla Extract is an alcohol based flavoring, we use Flavored Liqueurs in the same manner. Our chocolates with liqueurs contain up to 3% alcohol by mass. Please ask our sales associate for further details.


Q. Do you make Liqueur Cordials?

A. No, we highly recommend Chocolat Quintessential Chocolates in Fredricksburg Texas for their Liqueur Cordials. http://www.chocolat-tx.us/


Q. Do you ship your chocolates?

A. YES! We offer our Aggie Chocolates and Outdoor Novelty Chocolates online. We also offer shipping on any in-store purchase. Our shipping charges vary by region and season in order to offer the lowest pricing.

Q. Do you deliver your chocolates?

A. YES! We offer local delivery through Favor Fleet. We charge a flat $12 delivery fee with no minimum order. The local delivery area for Favor Fleet can be found here

If you are not within the Flavor Delivery area please call for a in-house delivery quote 979-779-2804 or we can ship via FedEx.

Q. Are your chocolates gluten free?

A. The majority of our chocolates are gluten free. Ask one of our sales associates or chefs for further details.


Q. Do you have any fat free options?

A. Our Pate De Fruit and Sorbet are fat free.

Q. Do you have any dairy free options?

A.  We offer a handful of dairy free chocolates. Ask one of our sales associates or chefs for further details.

Q. Do you have any soy free options?

A. Chocolate contains Soy Lecithin, an emulsifier, but some of our Single Origin Bars contain no Soy Lecithin or a Sunflower Lecithin substitute. Ask one of our sales associates or chefs for further details.

Q. Do you have any Sugar free options?

A. We carry a Sugar-Free Dark Chocoalte bar that uses Maltitol as a sugar substitute. We also offer a No-Sugar-Added milk chocolate bar also containing Maltitol. The milk chocolate bar is considered No-Sugar-Added, not Sugar-Free, due to the Lactose in the milk powder.

Q. Do produce chocolate from bean to bar?

A. Not yet, we are planning on producing some chocolate from bean to bar on a small scale for bars and confections.